About German Shepherd Crate Training

Are you unsure about German Shepherd crate training?  You shouldn’t be!  Read on to find out why.About German Shepherd  Crate Training

You may be worried that German Shepherd crate training is cruel.  This is not the case at all.  In fact, your German Shepherd will end up loving their crate.  This is due to the fact that in the wild dogs looked for small, den like places that made them feel safe and secure.  A crate can provide this similar safe place for your German Shepherd.  So do not worry – you are doing the best thing for your German Shepherd by getting them a crate.

When should I start German Shepherd crate training?

The most important thing about German Shepherd crate training is to start early.  This means crate training your German Shepherd right from the puppy stage.  The earlier you begin, the easier it will be.  It’s also really important not to let your German Shepherd on the bed or couch – even when they are an adorable new puppy.  If you do this then it will make German Shepherd crate training a lot harder.

Where should I put the crate?

Ideally, your German Shepherd’s crate needs to be in an area where there is lots of foot traffic.  A good spot could be the kitchen or lounge.  Having the crate in a busy area will make your German Shepherd feel a lot safer and less anxious inside their crate.

What should I put in the crate?

A common question that people ask when learning about German Shepherd crate training is “what should I put in the crate?”  Ideally you should include a comfortable mattress and blankets.  It’s a good idea to wash these on a regular basis.  Another thing you can put in the crate is some of your German Shepherd’s favorite toys.

What size crate should I get?

Another important thing about German Shepherd crate training is to make sure you get the perfect sized crate.  It needs to be just big enough so that your German Shepherd can move comfortably around inside.  However, it should not be so large that they can wander a distance inside.  If the crate is too large then your German Shepherd may go to the toilet inside.

What should I do if my German Shepherd whines in the crate?

It’s vital that you do not remove your German Shepherd from their crate if they start to whine.  If you do this then your German Shepherd will associate whining with being let out of their crate.  Instead wait until your German Shepherd has been quite for at least five minutes.  Once this time is up, take your German Shepherd out of the crate and reward them with praise and affection.  Your German Shepherd should soon associate these nice rewards with being quiet inside their crate.  Once the initial training period is over, you should be able to leave your German Shepherd in the crate for longer periods, and eventually for a full night.

As you can see from the above information about German Shepherd crate training, it is not cruel at all.  In fact, your German Shepherd will love you even more for getting them a crate.  So what are you waiting for?  Start German Shepherd crate training today!