German Shepherd Puppy Training

Bringing a new German Shepherd puppy into your home is an exciting time.  However, amongst all this excitement you must not forget the most important thing – German Shepherd puppy training! German Shepherd Puppy Training

Before delving into some German Shepherd puppy training tips, you firstly need to read the below advise on adopting a new puppy:

  • Adopting any new puppy is a big responsibly and huge commitment.  Therefore you need to think long and carefully before picking out your new German Shepherd puppy.  If you decide that the time is right to bring a new puppy into your home, then the fun can begin – picking out your gorgeous new German Shepherd.
  • It’s important to make sure that you adopt your German Shepherd puppy from a well known and reputable breeder.  It is okay to ask your chosen breeder for references and evidence that your chosen German Shepherd puppy is in a top, healthy shape.  If your breeder can’t provide this information, then it may be best to adopt from someone else.
  • You may be keen to choose the most excitable and bravest German Shepherd puppy from the litter.  This is not exactly a bad thing to do.  However, it’s important to remember that this excitable little bundle of joy may end up being the most difficult to train.  So take your time when choosing your German Shepherd puppy rather than just rushing in.

German Shepherd Training Tips

Once you have chosen and brought your new German Shepherd puppy home more fun can begin – German Shepherd puppy training!  The following are some useful tips to help you out:

  • It’s best to begin German Shepherd puppy training the moment you bring them home.  If you do this then your German Shepherd should remember the lessons for life and will be well behaved.
  • It’s vital that you show your German Shepherd that you are the alpha leader of your household the moment you bring them into your home.  If you do this then your German Shepherd will be more likely to listen to you during the training process.  If you do not establish this position then your German Shepherd may try and become the alpha leader themselves which in turn can lead to disobedient behavior.
  • Use rewards to encourage your German Shepherd.  A good reward to use is praise and affection.  However a little food treat also well too!
  • When your German Shepherd reaches an old enough age you can teach them toilet training.  The best way to deal with toilet training is to have a set schedule for your German Shepherd.  This means taking them out to a designated toilet spot at set times during the day.  This could be when they first wake up or after they have eaten.  Also, use rewards when your German Shepherd puppy does go to the toilet correctly as this will encourage them.  However, remember your German Shepherd is only a little puppy and there will be some accidents.  If there are accidents it is vital that you do not get angry at your German Shepherd puppy.   This will just scare them and will prolong the toilet training process.
  • Teaching basic commands is another aspect of German Shepherd puppy training that you can begin early on.  These basic commands include sit, down and stay.  To teach these commands you need to repeat them to your German Shepherd on a daily basis.  The more you repeat, the more your German Shepherd will understand them.  And again, use rewards such as affection or treats when your German Shepherd does a command correctly.
  • As your German Shepherd puppy gets older and wiser, you can teach them more complicated things.  However at the puppy stage, it’s best to start simple as they are only young

German Shepherd puppy training may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.  As long as you put in the time and are patient then your German Shepherd should become well trained and obedient in no time.  So don’t stall any longer – start German Shepherd puppy training today!