History of German Shepherds

Are you interested in learning about the history of German Shepherds?  Well, the following facts offer some great information all about this topic.  Keep reading to learn more.

History of German ShepherdsThe German Shepherd is a wonderful breed of dog with a fantastic nature.  The German Shepherd has also been around for a very long time as you will see from the below facts.

Read on to learn more about the history of German Shepherds.

  • As previously mentioned, the German Shepherd breed has been around for a long time.  It is thought that the breed originated in the 1800’s.  And as per their name, the German Shepherd originated in Germany.  It is also though the breed originated by crossing native German dogs.
  • Part of learning about the interesting history of German Shepherds is discovering what the breed was originally used for.  During the early days, the German Shepherd was used as a sheep herder.  The German Shepherd was an excellent herder due to the calm, stealth way they dealt with sheep.  They didn’t nip or scare the sheep like other breeds of dogs did.
  • An interesting fact about the history of German Shepherds is that the German Shepherd Dog Club was founded in 1899.  The German name for this club was Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde.  This German Shepherd dog club was founded by Von Stephanitz.    He was also the first ever president of this club.
  • The German Shepherd Dog Club of America was founded later than the German Club.  It is thought that it was established around 1913.
  • During the 1900’s the German Shepherd breed become extremely popular in Germany.  This popularity later spread around the world.
  • Did you know this fact about the history of German Shepherds?  The breed was used by the German Army during WWI.  It is thought that approximately 40,000 German Shepherds were used during this war.  That’s a lot of German Shepherds!  The German Shepherd breed was also used by the Army and Royal Air Force in WWII.
  • The history of German Shepherds is rather interesting because the breed was used for many different roles throughout time.  As previously mentioned they were used as herders and also assisted during wartime. However, throughout history, and still today, the German Shepherd has been used in even more roles.  They assist the police, aid search and rescue workers and they are often used as guide dogs for the blind.  The German Shepherd was chosen to do these roles due to their courageous and loyal nature.  The German Shepherd breed is also not afraid to put human life before there’s, another reason the breed is chosen to fulfill these positions.

As you can see from the above, the history of German Shepherds is full of many interesting facts.  Along with the dog’s fantastic nature, this history also makes the German Shepherd the wonderful breed of dog they are today.  So if you are considering adopting a German Shepherd as part of your family, then you are definitely making the right decision.