How to Leash Train a German Shepherd

Do you want to learn how to leash train a German Shepherd?  Well you have come to the right place!  Keep reading for some fantastic tips on this topic.

How to Leash Train a German ShepherdFor the safety of your German Shepherd, it’s a good idea to have them on a leash when out on walks.  If you do not have your German Shepherd on a leash then they may run off which could be very dangerous.  Therefore, learning how to leash train a German Shepherd is a must.

The following tips will help get you started on learning how to leash train a German Shepherd:

  • It’s best to start leash training right from the moment you bring your German Shepherd into your home.  The earlier you start, the sooner your German Shepherd will pick up what to do.
  • The leash you use should not be any longer than 1 – 2 meters in length.  Any longer and you may find it hard to keep control of your German Shepherd.
  • Patience is so important when learning how to leash train a German Shepherd!  German Shepherds are smart dogs, but this does not mean that they will pick up leash training from the very first go.  Therefore, it is vital that you remain patient throughout the leash training process.  Your German Shepherd will eventually become leash trained, however it will not happen overnight!
  • The best tip to remember when learning how to leash train a German Shepherd, is to start the training process in a quite area with few distractions.  For example, you could start leash training in your quiet yard.  By having limited distractions, your German Shepherd will be more likely to concentrate on what you are trying to teach them.
  • When leash training your German Shepherd it is important to try and stay calm and enthusiastic the entire time.  It’s vital that you do not get upset and yell or hit your German Shepherd if they do something incorrectly.  If you do this, you will just upset and confuse your German Shepherd which in turn will make the leash training process a lot more difficult.  If you do need to tell your German Shepherd “no” then do so, but in a calm, clear voice so as not to upset them.
  • If your German Shepherd is full of energy and really excited then they will be a lot harder to leash train.  Therefore it is best to leash train your German Shepherd only when they are calm. To calm or tire out your German Shepherd before leash training you could play some games such as throwing a ball for them.

Learning how to leash train a German Shepherd is not that difficult.  However, it will require a lot of time and patience.  And the best part of learning how to leash train a German Shepherd – the fact that at the end of the training you will be able to bond with your beloved dog on long walks or runs, knowing that they are safe on the lead.  So what are you waiting for – start leash training your German Shepherd today!