How to Stop German Shepherd Digging

Are you having problems with your German Shepherd digging up your beautiful garden?  Well, keep reading to learn some great tips on how to stop your German Shepherd digging.

How to Stop  German Shepherd DiggingAll dogs, including German Shepherds, like to dig – it is part of their nature.  Therefore a little bit of digging is okay.  However, if your German Shepherd is digging excessively then you may want to take steps to stop it.  But before going into the ways to stop this behavior, you firstly need to learn the reasons behind the digging:

  • If your German Shepherd is bored then they may dig to entertain themselves.
  • They may dig when left home alone for a long period of time with no one to keep them company.
  • Your German Shepherd may have buried a yummy bone and they are trying to find it.
  • Some dogs, including German Shepherds dig holes to lie in during hot weather.
  • They may be trying to dig an escape route from your property to go exploring.

No matter what the reason behind the digging is, it can become rather a nuisance. So take the below tips and learn how to stop your German Shepherd digging:

  • The first thing to do is to set up a designated digging spot for your German Shepherd.  This means finding a place in your garden where you can install a sandpit.  Into this special sandpit put some yummy bones so your German Shepherd will be tempted to dig in this new area.  If your German Shepherd digs in their special sandpit reward then with lots of praise or even a small treat.  If your German Shepherd tries to dig somewhere other than this sandpit, just move them calmly back to where they are supposed to dig.  Overtime your German Shepherd will come to realize that they are only allowed to dig in the designated spot.
  • If you don’t have room for a special designated digging spot for your German Shepherd then make sure you take them to a park or to the beach on a regular basis.  In these locations your German Shepherd can dig to their hearts content without getting into trouble.
  • One important thing you need to know when learning how to stop your German Shepherd digging is to not get angry if you do find part of your garden or yard dug up.  If you get angry then your German Shepherd may become anxious and upset.
  • One great tip in learning how to stop your German Shepherd from digging is to tire them out with exercise.  A tired German Shepherd will have less energy to dig holes.  So make sure you exercise your German Shepherd on regular basis to help aid in the prevention of digging.
  • If you think your German Shepherd is digging because they are bored, then you need to make sure you increase their daily stimulation.  Make sure they have plenty to do during the day such as playing with toys or being exercised frequently.  The busier your German Shepherd is, the less chance they will have to dig.

Learning how to stop your German Shepherd from digging will take some time.  However it is achievable.  So take the above tips and teach your German Shepherd to stop digging today!