Stopping German Shepherd Biting

Does your German Shepherd sometimes bite?  This behavior should not be tolerated and you should ideally take steps to stop it from occurring as soon as possible.

Stopping German Shepherd BitingIf your German Shepherd occasionally bites then this can be a scary thing.  No matter what the reason is behind the biting, it should not be tolerated.  It may seem harmless now but you never know where this biting could lead.  Therefore stopping this biting behavior is so important.

The following are just some tips to help in stopping your German Shepherd from biting:

  • You firstly need to understand why your German Shepherd is biting.  There are a number of reasons including teething (at the puppy stage), boredom, anxiousness or just plain naughtiness.
  • If your German Shepherd does bite it’s vital that you do not punish them physically.  This means never, ever hitting your German Shepherd.  If you do use physical punishment then your German Shepherd may become anxious and in turn this may make them bite even more.  Instead, just use a calm and clear voice and say “no”.
  • You may let your German Shepherd playfully bite.  This is not okay as your German Shepherd will come to think that biting is acceptable.  Encourage your German Shepherd to bite toys and not you.  For instance if your German Shepherd starts playfully biting your hand, quickly choose a toy and replace your hand with this.  Your German Shepherd should soon learn not to bite you during playtime.
  • Part of stopping your German Shepherd from biting is learning ways to let your beloved dog know that it is not okay.  If your German Shepherd bites let out a loud yelp noise.  This is similar to what your German Shepherds brothers or sisters would have done if they had been bitten.  This will show your German Shepherd that biting is not okay.  A second method is to pinch the loose skin around your German Shepherd’s neck and gently shake it.  This will show your German Shepherd that you are the one in charge and that biting is not acceptable behavior.
  • Stopping your German Shepherd from biting may not be easy.  If you feel you will not be able to stop this behavior on your own, then you may want to think about hiring a dog trainer.  They are the professionals and will be able to help you get the situation under control.  Alternatively, you could sign your German Shepherd up to a local dog obedience class.

Stopping your German Shepherd from biting may seem like a scary task.  However, if you take your time and follow the above tips, it can be done.  But, as previously mentioned, hiring a professional dog trainer may be the answer if you do not think you can stop this behavior on your own.  Whatever the situation may be, you do need to get your German Shepherd’s biting under control as soon as possible – for the safety of those around you.  So start stopping your German Shepherd from biting today!